IPO Tech Companies of 2019 to Watch Out For

Tech IPOs companies cost more than a billion dollar foreseen to be a short-term blast in the market. Most are called the "unicorns." As of the year 2019, there are about 38 initial public offerings (IPOs) sailed in the market. That was the largest number of IPOs since the year 2000.

According to IPO market watchers in the Wall Street Journal, the current number is expecting to go higher with the risks of a possible bearish market.

Now, which are the top technology companies to watch out in their IPO this year? We'll share about three of the top IPO tech companies of 2019. Below are the list and their expected value in the market.


To trade on the New York Stock Exchange in summer

Estimated Value: $7 billion

Lyft (LYFT)

To trade on the New York Stock Exchange by the month of May

Estimated Value: $15 billion

Uber (UBER)

To trade on the New York Stock Exchange

Estimated Value: $120 billion


For 2019, the IPO market is mostly by underdog software companies with an estimated value at about $1 billion up to $5 billion. The US IPO services Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), David Ethridge then stated that “These are stories people don’t know well." And according to him, it is "because they’re not an app on your phone."

However, according to Ethridge, these companies have a "strong IPO market" which could support them in a "very steady pace."

This year, the IPO group might include companies with well-known brands. That includes both transportation companies Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley implied a market value for Uber amounting as high as $120 billion. Uber faces potent competition against Lyft within its key markets. As of now, Lyft valued at around $15 billion, surpassing its $1 billion profit during 2017.

Meanwhile, the data storage firm Dropbox Inc. tried to enter the IPO market during March last year, and it had stirred accomplishments. Dropbox during its IPO valued at $9 billion. The firm somehow failed to reach its $10 billion private valuations in 2014.

Elsewhere, another software firm named DocuSign Inc. secured notable returns for its investors. DocuSign gains from its IPO price per share of $29 to $41.87.

However, another firm named the Tencent Music Entertainment Group disappoints its investors. The firm's per-share value drops below its IPO value to a $13.



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