Investing Peaks: The LUPA Stocks

Have you heard of the term LUPA stocks or the PAUL stocks? Well, this term was a nickname for the companies of the 21st century working within the generation of the mobile application. These four companies are, Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, and Airbnb.

As of last year, these privately held companies plan to go for an initial public offering. During the month of March this year, Lyft already filed for its IPO. This month, Uber also filed for IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For the other two (Pinterest and Airbnb) their filing dates are to expect to occur this year.

These companies growth mostly came from the booming mobile app sector with funds from investment capital and private assets money. They all developed into strong brands of today's technology. All of them still at the point of popularity where public investors hunger to invest unto each of them. That somehow led all four of them to consider filing for an initial public offering.


Lyft Inc.

A San Francisco-based famous ride-sharing service app founded in 2007. The company started in 2007 as "Bounder Web, Inc." It then changed to Zimride in 2008 before it finally named Lyft in 2012.

The company was founded by Logan Green (CEO) and John Zimmer (Company President), who both are entrepreneurs. Lyft's mission as a company is "To improve people's lives with the world's best transportation."

On March 1 of 2019, the company filed its IPO. As a result, the company is required to disclose its net loss amounting to $911 million during 2018 with a total revenue of $2.2 billion. Upon filing, Lyft ain to value at about $21-23 billion.

Uber Technologies Inc.

Currently, Uber works well becoming Lyft's main competition in the ride-sharing industry. The company started in 2009 named as UberCab. Started by entrepreneurs Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, this ride-sharing app works globally with broader services including food delivery, trucking, and rentals.

Despite Uber's popularity, it went on with numbers of criticism for its alleged unfair labor practices. There are multiple lawsuits and some cities restricted and worst ban the services of the company.

In 2017, Kalanick was replaced by Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi due to a controversy. This month, the company finally filed for an IPO. Most investors estimate that the company could reach $120 billion market value. However, based on its previous financials, the company continue losing its money.

Pinterest Inc.

Pinterest is one of the most known photo sharing apps of today which started by entrepreneurs Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra in 2010. According to the company, its platform reaches around 250 million individuals every month. The company's main office is in San Francisco, but it operates a number of offices around the globe.

More than half the Pinterest's users are outside the United States. There are reports that Pinterest filed to go public, yet there are no existing files within SEC's website.

Airbnb Inc.

Airbnb is the most popular short-term lodging rental app around the globe. Impacting the travel industry which isn't expected by its founders when it started (2008).

As the years' pass, the company expanded with tourism services and various other ventures. The company started by entrepreneurs Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharzyk, and Joe Gebbia. According to Airbnb, they've provided access in more than 5 million different places with easy lodging. The company operates within more than 81,000 cities in 191 countries.

In some cities, including New York, Airbnb's services are restricted considering the strong lobbying efforts of the hotel industry. In 2018, Airbnb's CEO Chesky and his team planned to file for an IPO. However, there are a number of reports about the company's public water tests this year and in early 2020.



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