Can Youtube Shorts Surpass or Even Match ByteDance's TikTok App?

From Doja Cats' "Say So" to Jason Derulo's "Savage Love," Tiktokers would surely hit the beat in Tiktok's dance floor. Through more or less fifteen-second videos, self-expression is becoming the hottest trend in the world of social media, especially with younger users. Brace yourselves because Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. has something cooking up to match or even surpass Tiktok!

The Tiktok history

Best friends Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang created an app in six months. In 2014, they introduced the app named in China and the US. In 2015, it started to spread all over the world with over 70 million downloads. In 2016, ByteDance, a Chinese company, launched the Douyin app gaining more or less one million users in a year. In 2017, ByteDance made an acquisition with for $1 billion. Later on in 2018, the combination of the Douyin app and app became today's famous and very well-supported Tiktok app. Tiktok has a screaming amount of 700 million active users every month and an overwhelming 89 million downloads on US smartphones alone.

Alphabet Inc., Google, and Youtube

Alphabet Inc. is Google's and other subsidiaries' parent company. It sits at the top four for being one of the world's largest tech companies in terms of revenue. In 2005, Google's video platform named Google Videos was not much of a success. Meanwhile, YouTube struggled with technical problems and commercial success, so it decided to look for potential buyers. In 2006, Google acquired YouTube that led to its present success. Year after year, the channel owners of YouTube continue to grow. However, not everyone can buy laptops and other gadgets to create content. Youtube decided to make "YouTube shorts" that is somehow similar to the Tiktok experience where users can shoot short video clips with nothing but a handheld mobile phone.

What are YouTube shorts, and when will we see them?

In a few weeks, specifically in March, Tiktok will meet its new competitor in the US market, Youtube Shorts. A Youtube Short features a multi-segment camera and different songs for users when they edit their video clips. It will also come with speed control, countdown, and a timer for a comfortable, hands-free, and flexible recording. According to Youtube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan's blog post, there will be a stateside launch for Youtube Shorts and the process of monetization and sharing. Also, a beta-testing version launch will happen after India's all-out support last September. This Indian version of Youtube Shorts generates more than 3.5 million views in just a single day. Google might do something more prominent if ever the US's and other parts of the world's expansion becomes successful.  Did you know? In 2013, Neal Mohan received a whopping amount of $100 million bonus! If we were Google, we'd also give the guy this much to keep him from running to the arms of other rival companies. Today, he is very much ready to fuel Youtube Shorts. Aren't we all giddy to see what this new addition can do and how it will impact Google and Alphabet?



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