Will e-commerce and foreign market investments make Walmart bigger?

Ever wonder how enormous is the world's biggest retailer company by revenue and the world's biggest retailer? If you want to know how enormous it is enormous, you can sit back read a few facts about Walmart Inc., the enormous.

Walmart Inc. facts on facts

Walmart Inc. is a company giant with a whopping $548.743 billion in revenue, 2.2 million employees. It is a family-owned business by the Walton family. In 1962, Sam Walton founded Walmart, and then it became incorporated in 1969. This American multinational company is a retail corporation that comprises hypermarkets, department stores, and also grocery stores with a headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. If you are aware of Sam's Club retail warehouses, Sam Walton is also the man behind them. So if you are wondering how enormous it is when we say enormous, as of January 31, 2021, Walmart can boast 11,443 total stores and clubs scattered around 27 countries under different names. Walmart is known as Walmart in the US and Canada, Walmart de México y Centroamérica in Central America and Mexico, Asda in the UK, Seiyu in Japan, and Flipkart in India. Let's look at a little timeline of Walmart's success: In 1972, It made it on the New York Stock exchange list. In 1988, it became the US's most profitable retailer. And in 1989, it is already the most prominent company retailer in terms of revenue.

It's not always a sunny day for Walmart.

Through all its glory years, Walmart also went through a rocky pavement in the 21st century. However, it bounced back as a champion in these five recent years garnering over 120% more shares. This retailer giant is looking at $550 billion more revenue due to the effects of the pandemic. What are they up to next?

The next big things for Walmart

Walmart CEO Doug McMillion is scraping off the traditional methods. He is now looking at e-commerce and foreign market growth. The pandemic indeed gave them ideas because they will now maximize the use of technology and advancement. They plan about stores' remodeling, higher salaries for their employees, and online grocery pickup orders. Advancement has backed them up since this new way of online shopping has revved them up in recent years, albeit the direct competition with Amazon. However, their physical stores gave them more edge. For Walmart members, they can order today, and they'll have it delivered to your doorstep tomorrow with no additional charges and minimum order required! That is undoubtedly one way to save up on fuel! Talking about the e-commerce plans, Walmart makes Shopify a partner that will add vendors to their platform, and The Trade Desk will build the advertisements to create an e-commerce marketplace. The foreign market growth plans will pull out markets where they did not perform well, like in Brazil and the UK. They will then invest in the countries that gave them massive support, like India and China. Their moves are indeed taking them to places — slowly but surely. Will their e-commerce and foreign market growth plans make them thrive more?    


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