Johnson and Johnson's vaccine is the third one to receive FDA's EUA

How are we doing today amidst the pandemic?

The world is slowly adapting to the chaos that the coronavirus has brought. The world was taken by storm, but people strive hard to thrive and survive. Unlike the start of the pandemic, there seems to be neither an end nor a solution. Today, we are grateful for the scientists and people who helped created the emerging vaccines. We are not yet there, but the sky seems to be more transparent compared to last year.

The first to have the Food and Drug Administration authorization

Moderna’s mRNA-1273 and Pfizer BioNTech collaboration’s BNT162b2 were the initial companies that earned the Food and Drug Administration authorization on their coronavirus vaccines. These vaccines' efficacy is 95%, which is the highest of all the vaccines created so far. The administration is composed of two shots, and they should be stored in -25 to -15 degrees Celsius that we can only usually find in pharmaceutical freezers. If they are subject to emergency use authorization, then the storage can last up to 6 months at very cold freezers with -80 to -60 degrees Celsius. So far, 15% of the US’s population received this vaccine since their authorization last December.

The newly authorized vaccine for people to use

Aside from these two vaccines, we already have Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine. Johnson and Johnson's subsidiary Janssen developed this vaccine that received the Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency use authorization or EUA last Saturday. Later on, the regulators gave them a signal through a unanimous decision. 

What is the difference between Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine and the rest?

These vaccines all help us fight to contract coronavirus disease, but they are different in ways like the storage temperature, number of shots, and efficacy. Let’s list down Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine's characteristics that set it apart from the rest:  It is a one-shot vaccine, unlike the others that need two shots to be in effect. It can last up to three months stored at a more convenient temperature of 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine has a noticeable lower efficacy which is 72%, in their most recent stage testing, compared to Moderna’s and Pfizer BioNTech’s vaccines. However, all in all, this is still an excellent percentage of a vaccine’s efficacy. Yes, it is 72%, but this 72% can help an individual escape hospitalization and death 100% if ever that person catches the virus.

Johnson and Johnson's vaccine is not for profits.

It is evident that Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is also a great deal, but the company decided not to profit from it. It is solely for emergency pandemic use, and the investors already know about this information. After the emergency use authorization, the company started to distribute the vaccines all over the US for 20 million people this March and 100 million more vaccines before June ends. Indeed, the company won’t profit from the vaccine, but they will surely skyrocket the vaccination rate that will surely help the US and the world combat the disease.



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