Easy Forex: Trading guide for beginners - Module Series

Let us make a point before we began discussing the basics of forex trading. Winning trade comes to those who've gone through rough experiences. Despite its accessibility, forex markets could crush those soft-spirited.

Forex trading requires one with effort, discipline, willingness to learn, and ability to critically think of an effective strategy. Do fear on it yet don't get easily fret by how hard it could be.

Now, this learning module will consist of 10 chapters that will discuss the basic fundamentals of forex trading. There's nothing to worry about, we've made sure to elaborate each module for you.

The learning modules are in an arranged step by step guide. We are making sure that you'll properly create a fundamental knowledge of the whole forex trading world.


Ten topics of our module series:

Know the main concept of forex trading. The idea of profit in forex trading and its general mechanics. This module will also explain how to read forex quote and understanding what bid and ask are.

Upon discovering how to read forex quote, you'll have an in-depth understanding of the value after each decimal point in a forex quote. Get to know what the term pip is and its importance in each forex quote. Learn to determine if a trade is a profit or a loss. We've also include various forex trading jargon that you should really learn including lot, leverage, margin and spreads.

Know the several types of currency pairs and find out the most appropriate currency pair for you. We'll also explain more about the currency correlation and why it is necessary and should be kept in mind. In Addition, we'll provide a few aspects that influence currency pairs to movements.

In this module, we'll explain foreign exchange markets and its community. Know more about the features within the market and its availability. You'll also learn about the different market hours. With this, you'll determine which market and which hour you'll best perform as a trader.

There are three types of Forex charts. In this module, you'll understand their differences. It will help you determine which chart is appropriate in the diverse market scenario while performing chart analysis.

In this module you are to level up and learn the three types of forex market analysis. With the previous module, this will help you create your own effective forex trading strategy. This module will also sharpen your critical thinking on finding a way to perform a winning trade.

Within this module, you'll get familiar with the basic strategic tool of forex trading. Understanding similar scenarios through good samples. Know whether to buy or sell a currency pair at most appropriate timings. A winning knowledge that will help you advance within the forex trading markets.

Module 8 - Styles of Forex Trading

Forex trading style is necessary. Style should be in sync with your strategy. If it does not, it could bring you to your doom in the forex trading markets.

Module 9 - Broker

Within this module, we are to help you know what to look for in choosing your forex broker. Understand which trading platforms is very much effective, secure and safe for you. Familiarize yourself which costs or fees are appropriate and fair before you work with a forex broker.

Module 10 - Forex Risks

In this module, you are to open your eyes on various forex trading risk present in every market. Forex trading is unpredictable. It would be better for you to know what you are about to face.

When you complete this basic series module, you'll be equipped with various knowledge that will help you play in the risky world of Forex trading.


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